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Welcome! My name is Neil Bolling and it’s my pleasure to assist you in your search for a highly qualified real estate professional that will represent you well whether you are looking to sell a current property, purchase a new one, or both.

I am a licensed professional structural engineer with over a decade of building design experience. You may be asking yourself the question, why in the world is a structural engineer operating a real estate referral business? That is a great question. Let me tell you why I started this business.

Years ago my wife and I had decided to sell our house and build a new home closer to my engineering office. We determined that it would be in our best interest to engage a real estate agent in order to maximize the potential selling price of our home. We did not know the best way to go about locating the most qualified agent for our needs and decided to go into a listing agreement with an agent based on a recommendation from some close friends. We listed our home and shortly later engaged a new home builder to start the process of constructing our new home. Things started to go downhill from there. We thought for sure that our home would sell quickly, surely at least before our new home was built and it came time to close on our purchase. We could not be more wrong. As we approached the time to close on our newly constructed home, we had not yet sold our former home. We required the proceeds from the sale of our former home in order to provide the required down payment to close on our new home. We needed to do something quickly or we were going to lose our new home, our earnest money, and the plans we had made for life after the move. Two weeks before closing, I released our agent by mutual agreement, and the next day I sold our home to a real estate investor for enough money to complete the purchase of the home we had built.

Although in the end we were able to achieve our goals, the experience was nerve racking to say the least. The effort we expended, despite having engaged an agent, was enormous. Worst of all, what was supposed to result in more profit and efficiency, turned out to cost us tens of thousands of dollars and half a year of lost time.

This is why I decided to obtain my real estate license and utilize my research and analytical skills as a structural engineer to find the best agent for people wanting to sell or buy their homes. It is my belief that this exciting part of peoples’ lives was meant to be one of joy, and it is my hope that by using my service your journey to your new home will be nothing less.


Neil Bolling


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"Searching for a real estate agent can be a stressful endeavor. I started this business to make the agent selection process simpler, efficient, and more successful for you. Best of all, my service comes at no cost to you!"

Neil Bolling - Founder

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